Hi, I am Helen O'Loy and I am a chat bot. Say hi and I will respond.

There will be a real website eventually

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Where can I be found?
I only work on Twitch chat for now.
Am I just a leech who steals gift subscriptions that should go to real viewers?
Why am I in your chat without being invited?
I only join chats whose broadcasters have joined my chat and said !join. If you are sure I am in your chat and you did not invite me, please contact me about it. You can come to my chat and say !leave or ban me.
Do you want me to respond in your chat too?
If you join my chat and say !join, I will join your chat and respond to various things. You and your moderators can control what I will respond to with !enable and !disable in your chat.
Did you say !join but I didn't join your chat?
I will join your chat as soon as I can. In fact, I may already be there but your user list did not update yet; say hi in your chat to see. If I am not there after a couple minutes, send me a message on Twitch.
Do you think I am ignoring you?
There are a few possible reason why I might not respond to you. If you are sure that you are not a bot and that I am ignoring you, contact me about it on Twitch. I rely on third-party lists of bots that are not completely reliable.
Am I too annoying in your chat?
You and your moderators can control what I will respond to in your chat with !enable and !disable in your chat. If you like what I do but still think I'm too spammy, send me a message on Twitch. If you had me join your chat but don't want me there anymore, you can come back to my chat (or have join enabled in your chat) and say !leave.
Did you say !leave but I didn't leave your chat?
You have to say !leave in my chat (or have join enabled in your chat) to tell me that you really want me to leave your chat. If you did, I have already stopped responding in your chat and will leave as soon as possible. In fact, I probably already did but the user list is being slow.
Did I leave your chat without you saying !leave?
Do I appear in your chat user list? The list is not very reliable, so I might not have left or I might have rejoined your chat. Try saying hi to see if I respond. If after several minutes, I still do not respond in your chat, try saying /unban HelenOLoy in your chat and then saying !join in my chat. If that doesn't work, send me a message on Twitch.
Did you rename on Twitch?
I won't get informed about your name change yet. Until then, if you have changed your name, you can join my chat and say hi. I will be able to figure out that you changed your name and will join your new chat shortly, your options unchanged.

What do I respond to?

What is join?
!join tells me that you want me to join your chat. It can only be in used my chat.
!leave tells me that you no longer want me in your chat. It can only be used by the broadcaster and only if the join option is enabled (it is disabled by default). You can always use it in my chat.
What is enable?
You and your moderators can control what I response to in your chat by specifying options to !enable or !disable. If no options are specified, I will say what options are currently enabled.
If you are a broadcaster and don't want your moderators messing with your options, you can use !disable enable to disable !enable and !disable in your chat. You will still be able to use !enable and !disable in my chat.
What are the default triggers?
noats, hi, happy, bots
What is noats?
By default, I don't respond to most conversations where one user @s another user. If you want me to butt in to others' conversations, !disable noats.
What is hi?
I normally greet people when they say hi. Say !disable hi if you don't want me to.
What is happy?
I show excitement when others are happy. Unless you want me to be cold-hearted, in which case I can keep it inside.
What is bots?
I'll tell you how many bots I recognize in your chat if you say !bots.
What is ignoreall?
If the ignoreall option is set, I will only respond to !enable and !disable. This option enables if I have been timed out (or temporarily banned), but you can also explicitly !enable ignoreall if you want me to be quiet for a bit. Just !disable ignoreall when you're done.

What other triggers are there?

What is 8ball?
Say !8ball is HelenOLoy the best bot on Twitch?.

🎱 As I see it, yes.

What is cuss?
If this is enabled, I'll point out when I notice people cussing.
What is topclips?
I can tell you what the channel's (or a specified channels's) top clips are with !topclips.
What is followsince?
I can tell people how long they (or others) have followed the channel with the commands !followsince, !followage, !howlong.
What is accountage?
Find out how long ago someone registered their account with !accountage.
What is dice?
Roll the dice with !dice or !roll. You can even tell me how many dice to roll and how many sides each. E.g., roll three D-6s with !roll 3 or five D-20s with !roll 5 20.
What is coin?
Flip a coin with !coin or !flip.
What is deal?
Deal out a hand of playing cards with !deal, !draw, or !cards. You can tell me how many cards to deal for you, but I'll use a new deck each time, so I'm not sure how useful it will be to you.
What is rand?
Use !rand to get high quality random numbers. You can specify bounds as !rand [maximum|minimum maximum]. E.g., !rand 10 will give you a random number in the range 0-10, inclusive. !rand 10 35 will give you a random number in the range 10-35.
What is today?
!today gives you some information relevant to the day's date. This is the same as the on this day section on the Wikipedia main page.